"Weldon Rising," by Phyllis Nagy, is a play about catharsis, heat, and an understanding of joy through the experience of unimaginable pain. It is about queer lives in a past decade that shout about LGBTQ+related issues of today. My design illustrated the wonderful absurdity of what happens to Natty Weldon and his neighbors, bringing to life the gritty, overheating city in all its sweaty glory.

As the city heats up, electric appliances break down. A panicked reporter describes conditions over a malfunctioning radio.

Jimmy appears to whisk Natty away. They rip open the map, revealing what lies beyond. They disappear. "Time to fly, Natty Weldon."

Weldon Rising

written by Phyllis Nagy

directed by Jenna Wyman

lighting design by Asa Lipton

scenic design by Vincent Gunn

costume design by 


photos by Caitlyn Murphy

© 2020 by Caroline Eng