Great Falls

Written by Lee Blessing

Directed by Vincent Gunn

Lighting design by Valerie Insardi

Costume design by Danica Martino

Scenic design by Alesha Kilayko


Photos by Nick Graci

"Great Falls," by Lee Blessing, is about the shattered trust between two people who desperately need each other in ways that the other refuses to give. My design scored this play with non-diegetic and dramaturgically appropriate music. I treated the environment as part of our reality, favoring "realistic" sound over abstract. It was important that this play take place in our world.

BITCH and MONKEY MAN sit in a waiting room. In transition, BITCH goes through a medical procedure. He drives her to a dingy motel.

Heard in transition; BITCH seizes control of the roadtrip.

BITCH and MONKEY MAN part ways on the side of the interstate. Cars pass. BITCH starts the car, drives away. It is bittersweet and full of hope.

Chosen track (Balmorhea - En Route) played through curtain call & audience exit.

© 2020 by Caroline Eng